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Archived Old Site Updates

This was the "Body" frame of the old site as retrieved from the Internet Archive. It has been attached to the modern site for archival purposes. This page is filled with outdated information, dead links, and references to long-gone material from the old site. The archives do not go further despite the (dead) links at the bottom. To see the modern site, with up-to-date material, click Home.

10/5/04: Moved the Rogue page to my Lunarpages site, so that it will be faster and there will (most likely) be no bandwidth problems. Added Rogue for TI-83+.

2/29/04: Cleaned up a lot of the dead links in Links. Updated copyright notice at top.

1/26/04: Added someone else's WinRogue to the Downloads section.

1/9/04: New link up to AGB_Rogue (Rogue for the Game Boy Advance) and TileRogue for Linux/SDL (haven't tried this version yet) in the Downloads section.

11/17/03: New link up to ClassicRogue - a Windows graphical version of Epyx Rogue v1.48 - in the Downloads section.

10/16/03: New link up to Asmodeus' Rogue Page, which is a smaller site similar to mine but features monster illustrations, in the Links section.

9/26/03: New link up to TileRogue - a DirectX-based graphical version of the Rogue clone (in the Downloads section).

9/25/03: New link up to WinRogue (Rogue clone for Windows) in the Downloads section.

7/15/03: I have chosen not to renew Use now (and for the Rogue page)

6/17/03: Back to the rogue subdomain again...

4/2/03: Added a link to Semicolon Software's shareware version of Rogue for older versions of Mac OS.

3/26/03: Okay, I just one day realized that the title of this page was really bad. It's like a bad marketing slogan. I'm not trying to profit from any of this, so it doesn't really apply. So, it's "core_dump's Rogue page" now.

3/6/03: Added background music to the page. It's "Chill of an Early Fall" by Bob Mace, a MIDI I've been listening to for years. It plays on Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Netscape, but not Opera, sorry.  Especially after I just announced on my Rants page that I was working toward standards compliance. If I decided to allow it to work on Opera I would have to block playback on Mozilla/Netscape, which I wasn't about to do, since according to my site statistics, 24.25% of my views are Netscape compared to Opera's 0.26%.

3/4/03: Added several new links to the Links section.

3/1/03: Added a link to Mastertronic Rogue for the Sinclair Spectrum in Downloads. Note: This is the same version that used to be on my page, but the web site offers it in two different file formats as well as screenshots, magazine reviews, etc.

2/24/03: Added a link to LinuxRogue (an updated Rogue 5.3 clone) in Downloads.

2/13/03: Rants now accessible directly at

(later) Latest Rogue news.

2/11/03: Got rid of the Updated the Rants page, I think I'm going to make it a semi-daily thing.

2/02/03: Thanks to Gene, who submitted the source for the Roguelike Restoration Project Rogue 3.6.1.

1/28/03: I set up a "Rants" page. Personal rants will go there, while information about the page and Rogue will go here.

Also, to prevent massive "Updated the Rants page" messages here, I now added a "Rants Last Updated:" to the top of this page.

1/16/03: Inspired by reading these pages here, I decided to make some changes to my site.

-An "About Me" page for those who are interested.

-No more automatic popping up of new windows. It now replaces the page. Yeah, I could see how that could be annoying, considering I'm the only one I know who always opens in a new window (or a new tab now that I use Mozilla).

-Changed the links to the newsgroup to let you know that one of them would open your newsreader. Also added the ODP's Rogue entry.

-Certain pages, like this one, are not indexed or archived by search engines.

-This page and the archives are nicer looking.

-Finally figured out a nice graphic to add to the top frame (I took it from the screenshot)

-Moved the first half of 2002 to another archive page.

1/15/03: Fixed the link to Boudewijn's Rogue page.

1/14/03: I added a link to "The Roguelet's ABC" (something I keep forgetting to do until now) to the Links section and a screenshot for Epyx Rogue II (Atari ST) is now in Screenshots.

Hey, I'd like to add screenshots for the various Mac versions of Rogue. Unfortunately, I have no access to a Mac. If anyone would send their screenshots for the page, that would be greatly appreciated. Please ask me before sending.

1/12/03: I used the Hivelogic Email Address Encoder mentioned in Lockergnome on this page to prevent spam. This means that you will need a Javascript-capable browser to e-mail me from the link on the side.

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