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Contact Rogue Central

If you have a version of Rogue, or a useful utility, which is unique in some way or in the Requests section below, please e-mail me. I no longer host "everything" because of bandwidth concerns, it must differ in some way from what is already available here.

Currently requested:

  1. Rogue v1.4 (modified in 2002) with source code *
  2. Carbon Rogue for Mac OS 9 and X.
  3. BeRogue for BeOS (1998 port by Victor Tsou) (more info on this port)
  4. Versions of PC-Rogue with the Wizard's Password compiled in
  5. RogueR **
  6. Graphical UNIX/Linux/BSD versions of Rogue which work on modern versions of KDE and Gnome.
  7. More Rogue links, especially "Play Online" links.

* This version was submitted by a currently-unknown visitor to coredumpcentral.org circa 2002, who modified the source code of PC-Rogue version 1.4. It has different monsters (taken from the original UNIX version) and the wizard password has been enabled (if you're out there, it was set to "bathtub" IIRC.)

** According to the original site, RogueR was DOS batch file by "Kon" with instructions that allows easy savescumming in PC-Rogue.

You can contact Rogue Central at ==c$or$e$=d=u$m=$pc=$$e$n=t$=ra$l=$@=$r=un$=$box=.co$m (remove the two obvious anti-spam dummy characters first)

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