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The easiest way to play Rogue without having to worry about installing it is to play Rogue online. Some of the games available in the Download section have online equivalents which anyone can play from their browser.

Be sure to have the latest versions of Java and Flash installed in your browser. Old Rogue Based on the Rogue Clone. Previous version of the game below. Rogue Based on the Rogue Clone. Hex Rogue Based on the Rogue Clone, but with hexagonal-shaped spaces, rooms, and hallways.

zRogue Release 2, Serial Number 980706 The Infocom Z-machine version, based on the Rogue Clone.

JSRogue Based on PC-Rogue, choose graphical or text mode. By Donnie Russell.

JSTileRogue Graphical version, based on the Rogue Clone. By Donnie Russell.

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