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Utilities for Rogue

This page provides miscellaneous programs for downloading, running, and playing Rogue.

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Running Rogue on Windows

DOSbox (web page) Providing a full-screen DOS environment with modern graphics and audio technology, this DOS emulator is strongly recommended for running DOS versions of Rogue with Windows XP and later.
With Windows XP, support for DOS programs was seriously crippled, resulting in slowness and lack of sound. DOSbox enables these programs to run properly within the context of modern graphics and audio technologies.
With Vista, the full-screen option for the command prompt was removed, resulting in extremely ugly graphics for DOS and Win32 console programs. Instead of running Win32 console versions of Rogue on Vista and later, it is recommended to download their DOS equivalents and run them in DOSbox.

7-Zip (web page) 7-Zip is a program for creating, testing, and extracting archives. It greatly outdoes Windows XP and later's native ZIP extraction support, and offers multiple archive formats (including its namesake, the 7z format). Many of the ZIP archives here contain other archives inside, including UNIX/Linux/BSD tarballs with source code, and to view these archives on Windows you will need a program like 7-Zip.

DOS - Miscellaneous

Aztec C86 v3.4b Complete (web page) (local copy) Used for compiling the DOS version of Rogue.

CWSDPMI (link to DJGPP FTP server) (local copy) When running DOS-only machines, these files are required for playing DJGPP-based Rogue versions. Unzip these files somewhere into your PATH.

UNIX/Linux/BSD - Miscellaneous

Rog-O-Matic: A Belligerent Expert System (web page) Automatically plays Rogue for you. Modern version maintained by songbird. The site contains the Rog-O-Matic and a modified version of Rogue 5.4 to go along with it.

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