A warm welcome to Epyx Rogue v1.49...



  • Added "Artificial Intelligence Design Systems (Public Domain Version)" of Rogue for DOS.
  • Added Codebusters 10rogue v1.0 (a modified version of Rogue for DOS)
  • Removed reference to "original coredumpcentral.org site" from Downloads page
  • Replaced all SHA256 with SHA512, as people who use one generally can use the other. (MD5 and SHA1 have not been removed.)
  • Replaced incorrect hashes for the TXT file screenshots. This happened because at some point along the way, the TXT screenshots were switched from DOS format to UNIX format, though the hashes weren't updated.
  • Added MultiHasher to Utilities page
  • Removed note on Downloads about PC-Rogue not compiling. I haven't tried it, but you use the Aztec C86 compiler on the Utilities page to compile PC-Rogue.
  • Redesigned Roguelikes page
  • Removed reference to obsolete Win7 Windows XP Mode with regard to running 16-bit COTW, added DOSBox+3.1 and Linux+VirtualBox as options
  • Added local copy of GBA Rogue and its source code
  • Added ArchiveRL to Roguelikes section
  • ArchiveRL is not a /r/Roguelikes project, information stating this has been removed
  • Renamed "Old/Misc" section in Downloads to "Other"
  • Added Rogue Directory, an archive of multiple Rogue versions, documentation, spoilers, and screenshots, to Downloads page. Someone sent this archive to me in 2012, but I only added the screenshots and some documentation to the site.
  • "I Finally Won" PDF replaced with a better one.
  • Removed the comment about bandwidth from Contact page.
  • Added CryptRover to Roguelikes page
  • Removed comment from Downloads that Mastertronic Rogue for ZX Spectrum is playable online (the emulator was Java-based and has been down for a long time)
  • Renamed "DOS" section in Documentation to "DOS/WINDOWS"
  • 1985 Epyx Rogue Instruction Manual PDF replaced with a better one.
  • Renamed "Dungeondweller Roguelike Archive" to "The Rogue Archive" (its new name) in Links section
  • Switched all TXT files in Documentation and Downloads to DOS line endings. Screenshots and the content of archives (except the PC Rogue Documentation Pack) were not changed.
  • PC Rogue Documentation Pack updated with better PDFs and TXTs changed to DOS line endings
  • MAG FAQ PDF replaced with better one
  • Added "Rogue Central Web Site Screenshots Collection" to Screenshots page. This contains all the images used on Rogue Central pages and the screenshots used to create them.


  • SSL now default on [www.]coredumpcentral.org
  • Removed duplicate sentence added to Play Online page
  • New mobile-friendly two-column layout
  • Web buttons for Vim and Anybrowser removed
  • Added several archive.org-based Rogue games (some of which will be added to Downloads in a future update)
  • Index page made easier to read.
  • Past updates (not including Archives) were organized into bulleted lists when possible.


  • Updated links to https equivalent when possible
  • Removed www from links when possible
  • Code cruft cleanup
  • Replace krogue instructions with archive.org links
  • Updated C64 Rogue link
  • Replaced Dungeondweller with the Rogue Archive
  • Updated RogueBasin links to use RogueBasin.com
  • Fixed dead link to RevivedHack v2.3
  • Increased font size of copyright text at bottom of page
  • Split the contents of Play page into "Recommended" and "Deprecated" sections.
  • All playable games which require Java and Flash (currently only Hexatron's three Java-based games) are in this section.
  • Replaced all numbered lists with bulleted lists. The non-"lists" on the Roguelikes page will be handled in a future update.
  • Added section on Larn to the Roguelikes section.
  • DOSBox (now correctly capitalized) is now listed as a requirement for Windows XP and later (while very lousy DOS support still exists in the mostly-obsolete 32-bit Windows versions, it is still a terrible way to play games)
  • Reorganized Utilities page a bit
  • Added DOSBox Turbo for Android link to the Utilities page.
  • About page - enjoyed for almost four decades now, not two.
  • Added Reddit /r/Roguelikes to Links page



A series of technical, cosmetic, and other updates to this page are underway.

This page was written for a different world. And I'm not talking about a world of devices, but a world of people. The page was originally made in 2001, and shut down in 2004. It was revived with a major update in 2011. Since then, there have been only minor updates, with the last in late 2017, while the world, both online and off, has changed drastically since 2011.

So far, the following updates have been done:

  • The HTTPS is not currently the default as more work needs to be done.
  • Switching all colors to standard HTML colors. More color changes are coming, though it will continue to be a dark background.
  • Larger font sizes
  • Updated copyright date
  • Removed defunct Twitter link
  • Removed HTML validator link
  • Code tidying (there is still much more to do - there is much early 2000s cruft still!)
  • Changes of some of the headings

There is so much more that needs to be done. Changes are coming in the next few days.


  • Added a link to Retro Rogue Collection to Download page. Also made several behind-the-scenes technical changes.I hope to move this site over to HTML5 at some point, while still keeping the same look it's had since 2001.
  • On the Play Online page, I updated the link to play zRogue online, and removed two dead links to play the ZX Spectrum versions.
  • Also, a visitor recently informed me that the scoreboards in Hexatron's online versions of Rogue are not working properly. It should be noted that all of the games in the Play Online section are externally hosted, and bugs should be reported to those respected sites (though letting me know as well would be appreciated, especially if there are dead links).
  • Updated some links to externally hosted software on the Download page, and changed the Semicolon Software Rogue to a download hosted here, as Semicolon Software has moved their previous page which included Rogue to an old archived section.
  • Removed dead link in the Roguelikes page to the Roguelike Restoration Project. Maintenance of coredumpcentral.org's Roguelike Restoration Project Fork has continued and I will release new versions if needed.
  • Added a link to nlarn on the Roguelikes page.
  • Updated the name and link of DRL on the Roguelikes page.
  • Replaced the dead link to Glenn Wichman's A Brief History of "Rogue" on the Docs & Spoilers page with its latest Internet Archive version.
  • Also added his latest Internet Archive version of "Rogue Stories" to the Links page.
  • Removed DMOZ from Links page and updated the Dungeondweller link to its new location.


  • Removed references to a certain Roguelike which has since been altered to promote the developers' political views.


  • Added LinuxRogue ITA (Italian version of LinuxRogue) to Downloads page.


  • Fixed dead link to Songbird's Rogue.


  • Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Updated the links to Songbird's Rogue and Rog-O-Matic.


  • Updated contact information with new Twitter account and copyright information.


  • Added Aztec C86 v3.4b Complete, the development environment used to compile DOS PC-Rogue.
  • Both external Web links and local copies are available, with the program in the Utilities section and the release notes in the Docs & Spoilers section.


  • Removed all GnuPG signatures, information on GnuPG, and where to get the expired key being used, from all pages where present.
  • Instead the different pages link to checksum files in MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 format.
  • There are three sets of checksum files: Documents, Screenshots, and all other sections.
  • They include checksums for all files, not just material originating from coredumpcentral.org.
  • Added RevivedHack v2.3 to the Roguelikes page. Updated link to Java on Play Online page.
  • Also updated the Contact page with a new e-mail, and updated the copyright date on all pages to 2016.



Another sad disappearance fans of Rogue Central @ coredumpcentral.org are familiar with was Donnie Russell's Freewebs page and his freeware Windows games available to download or to play online via Flash. However, in my possession I have:
  • ClassicRogue v1.1 (Windows), v1.51 (Linux) v2.3 (Windows), and v2.5 (Windows)
  • TileRogue old version (Linux) and v2.3 (Windows)
  • MAGHD v1.7 (Windows)
  • RevivedHack v2.5 (Windows)
  • LarnHD v1.2 (Windows)

...which are now available for download on coredumpcentral.org!

Unavailable are:

  • AGB Rogue (Game Boy Advance)
  • AGB Hack
  • Rogueds (Nintendo DS)

Please see the Contact page if you have these or any of Rogue Central @ coredumpcentral.org "Wanted Rogue Versions").

Also unavailable are the Flash versions used on Donnie Russell's page.

  • Removed the old "coredumpcentral.org is back" above
  • Changed "Contact" to "Wanted & Contact"
  • Updated the copyright date to 2015.



The maintainer of the original Roguelike Restoration Project has stated that the original project is not abandoned, and is working on new Rogue versions and Roguelikes.

For this reason, I have decided to release FINAL VERSION v20140528 which consists of many bug fixes, and is limited to Rogue v3.6, Rogue v5.2, Rogue v5.4, and SuperRogue v9.0.

Continue to enjoy both the versions from my Fork as well as the versions the original RRP continues to release.

The Download, Docs & Spoilers, and Roguelikes pages have been updated with the final Fork version, documentation, and information on the Fork's abandonment and the original's new activity.

Note: You may have seen a banner recently on this site promoting Net Neutrality. I had forgotten to take the Internet Defense League code off of coredumpcentral.org. I oppose Net Neutrality - before you hop aboard the Net Neutrality bandwagon and trust government to regulate the Internet at this point in history, read this.


  • My "xcopfly" e-mail address is being phased out over the next few months, and I am now forwarding that address to one of my other e-mail addresses.
  • The GnuPG key used to sign files here is still valid, and will be used until further notice.
  • Past downloads will still use the same key.
  • For more information, see the Contact page (which has been updated with new blogs and my Twitter account).
  • Copyright date also updated on all the pages.


  • Rogue Central has been moved to a new host.
  • Parts of the site may not work for you until everything syncs up (less than one day)
  • If it continues past 8/4/13, please lease let me know of any problems.


ROGUELIKE RESTORATION PROJECT FORK v20130801 is now available! This release includes:

  • A cleaned-up SuperRogue
  • Removed Rog-O-Matic
  • Corrects errors in documentation

Visit the Roguelikes page to get it. The updated Wizard Mode documentation, which includes information on SuperRogue and corrects errors in the format of the file, can be downloaded in the Docs & Spoilers section.


  • The difficult-to-find Epyx Rogue for Mac is now available!
  • Visit the Download page to get it.
  • Fixed RogueBasin links on Roguelikes page.
  • Added Atrogue to the list.
  • Expect a new version of the Roguelike Restoration Project Fork shortly.


  • Rogue for BeOS added to Download page.
  • NOTE: This is not BeRogue, a 1998 port by Victor Tsou (more info on BeRogue) which I am requesting.
  • See the Contact page for a full list of Rogue versions I am looking for (including some versions from the original coredumpcentral.org site which I was unable to find).


  • The Roguelike Restoration Project Fork was signed with a GnuPG key that I do not use with coredumpcentral.org.
  • File signed again with the key available on coredumpcentral.org (see Contact page).


  • Added a link to the Roguelikes page.



Rather than creating patches for the Roguelike Restoration Project games, I instead decided to fork the Roguelike Restoration Project and work on that as a separate program entitled "Roguelike Restoration Project Fork". With initial version 20121206, all RRPF versions of Rogue were updated to be more user-friendly and includes Wizard Mode for these games. See the Roguelikes page to download the source code, and see the Docs & Spilers page to view Wizard Mode information.

Posting of the initial version of the RRPF removes all "Coming Soon" notices from the site, and the site can now be considered "stable code".

There were also minor grammar errors on the Docs & Spoilers page, they have been fixed.

Updated Downloads page's note on the RRP to reflect the new RRPF. Also, I frequently used phrases like "CVS source" when the RRP used SVN.

Updated info on my other Web site on the Contact page.


  • I have been doing a restructuring of different domains I own, and parts of coredumpcentral.org may be affected.
  • Please report any dead links to the e-mail address listed in the "Contact" page.


  • After playing DiabloRL for the first time, I have decided not to add it to Rogue Central @ coredumpcentral.org due to its incomplete and inactive state.
  • This leaves only the RRP games before I can finally remove all "Coming Soon"'s away from the site!


  • Added GBA Rogue to Downloads page.


  • Rogue for MINIX added to Downloads page.
  • ClassicRogue v1.1 for Linux added to Downloads page.
  • TileRogue for Linux added to Downloads page.
  • "Console Rogue Screenshots Collection", a ZIP file containing TXT screenshots of unknown console version(s) for unknown OS(es), added to the Screenshots page.
  • Added Jay Gordon's "Rogue Help" to the Docs & Spoilers page.
  • Added Bart Wright's "Here's a Treatise on Rogue!" to Docs & Spoilers page.
  • Added Peter Griffiths' "The Incomplete Rogue, 3rd Edition" to Docs & Spoilers page.
  • Thanks go to an anonymous user for contributing the material listed above.
  • For compatibility purposes, all directly-linked-to TXT files have been converted from UNIX format to DOS format. (This only applies TXT files you click the link to access directly, such as those in Screenshots and Docs & Spoilers. No archives have been modified.)
  • Corrected Glenn "Wichmann" spelling error (his name is Glenn Wichman).
  • Created a "UNIX/Linux/BSD" section under Docs & Spoilers, copied LinuxRogue to that list and added the new material.
  • Contact page updated with info on my new blog and to remove Rogue for MINIX from the list.


  • LetterHunt and DoomRL added to Roguelikes page (only DiabloRL and RRP are left)
  • ROG-O-MATIC Added! This is not the RRP version, but a modern version maintained by songbird. I have not tested this; I'm waiting for the next release of Slackware before I investigate both this, the RRP, and some of the contributed material I have to sort through. The link to songbird's Rog-O-Matic is in both Utilities and Download.


  • The Diablo entry on the Roguelikes page has been added
  • DoomRL, DiabloRL, LetterHunt and the RRP Roguelikes will be added later.
  • The site has received a multitude of contributions from two individuals, and once things are sorted out the RRP Roguelikes (and perhaps a few more Rogue versions) will be available on the site.
  • Thank you to the two contributors, you will be given credit once the material is added.
  • Note that I am a bit busy right now (and awaiting an email response from one of the contributors) and it might be a while before the downloads are up.


  • The Roguelikes page is almost complete!
  • Entries for NetHack, Angband, Mike's Adventure Game (MAG), Hack, and Castle of the Winds have been completed
  • See the Roguelikes page for downloads, information, spoilers, and links on these games
  • Entries for the Roguelike Restoration Project games, DoomRL, and LetterHunt have not been completed
  • Diablo and DiabloRL have been added to the list, though neither entry has been completed.


  • Created different screenshots of various versions and added them to the top of the page
  • The Rogue 5.3 screenshot now only exists at About and the Archived Old Site Updates page, all other pages have their own screenshots
  • Also added a border to make the screenshots easier to separate from the background.
  • For clarity, reworded statement on Downloads page about my recommending DOSbox for XP/Vista/7.
  • To avoid confusion between different parts of the site, replaced "Copyright" with "These pages copyright" in the copyright notice below.
  • All that's left now is the Roguelikes page I keep putting off
  • I'll get to it soon, might put off the Roguelike Restoration Project part for a while, but the rest of it will be quick to do.


  • Added Sam Kaplan's "Winner's Guide To Rogue" v1.23 to Docs & Spoilers section
  • Updated the PC-Rogue Documentation Pack to include the file.


  • Added "strict port" of Rogue to the Mac to the Downloads page
  • Also added to Docs & Spoilers page is a link on how to hack this version to prevent deletion of saved games.


  • Besides being available for download here, the public key was listed as "available on all the major keyservers".
  • To be safe, I changed this language to mention a specific keyserver (pgp.uni-mainz.de).
  • Also, copyright dates at the bottom of the pages have been updated.


Several changes:

  • For consistency, all links to text files in Docs & Spoilers were renamed to have "(TXT)" listed at the end of the link. The files and filenames linked to remain unchanged.
  • Epyx Rogue PDF manual reprinted with better metadata.
  • Epyx Rogue Documentation Pack updated with new PDF mentioned above.
  • All ZIP and PDF files originating from coredumpcentral.org (e.g. LinuxRogue with coredumpcentral.org patches, coredumpcentral.org-assembled Documentation Packs) are now digitally signed using GnuPG. See the relevant pages (e.g. Download, Docs & Spoilers) for more information on what is and isn't digitally signed. and click Contact to download the public key.
  • List of roguelikes on Roguelikes page complete. This is only a list of the games, no content has yet been added. (I'll get it done, I promise! :)
  • Many internal changes and fixes done to the Web site. If you visit often, you might have to refresh your browser for the downloads on the Docs & Spoilers page to work.


  • About Rogue page created with summary of Rogue and its history and influence.


  • "XZ" typos in 11/12/11 entry below fixed.



  • Nicer directory structure.
  • Includes patchfile: Two wizard mode commands changed for compatibility & functionality.
  • Includes patchfile: 'v' now shows the proper v0.3.7.
  • Additional documentation, including that of wizard mode.


  • Broken link fixed - now you can actually download it! :)
  • Both patches listed above have been already applied to the DOS version.
  • Before applying the patches, the DOS modifications were redone (and a bit less messy)
  • Major cleanup of directory structure. All development and source files are now in a subdirectory, making the program easier to use and see.
  • Includes the additional documentation as stated above, as well as DOS-specific documentation.


  • Trivial internal Web site issue fixed.
  • Added Wizard Mode help from new LinuxRogue packages to Docs & Spoilers section.
  • Added links to two Mastertronic Sinclair ZX Spectrum versions in the Play Online section
  • Updated Download page entry for Sinclair ZX Spectrum Mastertronic Rogue that there is a playable emulator on the site.
  • Updated Contact page with additional requests and a link to my blog.
  • Fixed dead link to 1985 Epyx Rogue PDF in Docs & Spoilers section


  • I have changed the sidebar font from Fixedsys to Monospace and, according to BrowserShots.org, seems to look great under every screenshot there, with the exception of Dillo and some of the Konqueror screenshots.
  • Regardless, there is nothing wrong with the functionality of the page, and I hope the new font looks better to those who were unable to view the page properly.


  • While setting up Linux to work on material for the site (see below), it came to my attention that Linux and other systems don't have the Fixedsys font, resulting in a non-monospaced mess for the screenshot at the top of the page.
  • I have no idea how I got away with this on the original site - while it was part of a frames page, the screenshot was the same plain text with an assigned Fixedsys font.
  • I probably did this due to my desire for compatibility with older systems, simplicity, a "retro" look, and/or then-poor browser support for CSS.
  • So I replaced the screenshot above with a JPEG of what I expected it to look like. I will do this for the sidebar shortly.
  • Other than what I did when rebuilding the page, I will not be modernizing the old-school technology behind this page.


Last week I reinstalled Slackware Linux v13.37 and was able to take care of the Linux material for the site. Here are the updates:

  • Linux TXT file screenshots now available in Screenshots section.
  • KRogue v0.9.5 binary was a RAR file mislabeled a ZIP. Extracted RAR and created a new ZIP file.
  • Both KRogue versions are confirmed not to work with modern versions of KDE, and the note on the Download page was changed to reflect this.

I discovered that there is a wizard mode in LinuxRogue (including my "LinuxRogue for DOS" port), which can be activated by pressing ^W. Since non-X Linux ttys don't seem to like ^BKSP (the command to create a new item), I will create a patch file before releasing documentation. Expect this (and a new packaging of the LinuxRogue material) within the next week or two.


  • Fixed trivial design issue. So trivial that the entry for this date was added on 10/15/11 along with the above updates.


  • Rogue Central will not host Cygwin binaries. Updated the Download page accordingly (the note on upcoming RRP material).
  • Grammar mistake on Links page.
  • Updated Links page with another article on the history of Rogue.
  • Adobe Flash link on the Play Online page linked to the wrong site. Fixed.


  • ROGUE WIZARD MODE FOR DOS!!! Rogue Central @ coredumpcentral.org has put together a "Wizard Edition" of the Roguelike Restoration Project's Rogue v3.6. There is no password, Wizard Mode is simply toggled by pressing Ctrl-P. It is available on the Download page.
  • Added CWSDPMI to Utilities with a note that it's required for DJGPP binaries under DOS-only systems.
  • Added the RRP v3.6 Wizard Edition's included documentation file on Wizard Mode commands to the Docs & Spoilers section.
  • On Download page, added note next to Public Domain Software Rogue v1.1 that it its also known as PC-Rogue.
  • Forgot to add "(web page)" next to Glenn Wichmann link in Docs & Spoilers - fixed.
  • Changed game symbol next to "Docs & Spoilers" on the left side from + (door) to = (ring).


  • RRP Rogue v5.2.1 DOS binary was mislabeled "Win32" - fixed name of download link. (Cygwin binary coming soon.)
  • Changed all 'MS-DOS' references on the Download page to 'DOS'.


Restored version of the site published. Details:

  • New Site Name: Rogue Central @ coredumpcentral.org
  • The site will maintain the retro, hacker-style, text-based-browser-compatible bright-on-black HTML 4.01 Transitional look.
  • The use of frames in the site has been replaced with a nearly-identical but partially-tables-based look. The former top frame featuring the UNIX Rogue 5.3 Clone screenshot was moved, the name of the site was updated, and individual page titles will be listed next to the new name. The copyright notice was moved to the very bottom, and of course updated.
  • The "Cheating" portion of the page is lost in history. I don't have the original material, and don't know what it contained. The recovered copy of the Download page suggested it might have included information on savescumming.
  • "Download" only includes Rogue downloads and links to Rogue version Web pages. "Utilities" and "Docs & Spoilers" were split off into their own section. Dead links were changed/deleted, lots of new material (including for new systems) was added, though some of the older material is still needed. See "Contact" for a list of needed material.
  • "Play Online" features links to play different versions of Rogue through your browser.
  • All new/updated "Links"
  • "About Rogue" page is in planning but not yet available
  • A limited "Roguelikes" page will be created sometime next month. Click the link on the side for details.
  • All-new "Screenshots" page, currently with DOS, Windows, Z-Machine, and TI-84+ SE screenshots. Linux screenshots coming soon.
  • A surviving 1/12/03-10/5/04 Page Updates list from the old site has been included. Link below this date's entry.

Archived Updates List - 1/12/03 to 10/5/04