Rodney approaches a kestrel in the UNIX Rogue 5.3 clone...

10/5/04: Moved the Rogue page to my Lunarpages site, so that it will be faster and there will (most likely) be no bandwidth problems. Added Rogue for TI-83+.

2/29/04: Cleaned up a lot of the dead links in Links. Updated copyright notice at top.

1/26/04: Added someone else's WinRogue to the Downloads section.

1/9/04: New link up to AGB_Rogue (Rogue for the Game Boy Advance) and TileRogue for Linux/SDL (haven't tried this version yet) in the Downloads section.

11/17/03: New link up to ClassicRogue - a Windows graphical version of Epyx Rogue v1.48 - in the Downloads section.

10/16/03: New link up to Asmodeus' Rogue Page, which is a smaller site similar to mine but features monster illustrations, in the Links section.

9/26/03: New link up to TileRogue - a DirectX-based graphical version of the Rogue clone (in the Downloads section).

9/25/03: New link up to WinRogue (Rogue clone for Windows) in the Downloads section.

7/15/03: I have chosen not to renew Use now (and for the Rogue page)

6/17/03: Back to the rogue subdomain again...

4/2/03: Added a link to Semicolon Software's shareware version of Rogue for older versions of Mac OS.

3/26/03: Okay, I just one day realized that the title of this page was really bad. It's like a bad marketing slogan. I'm not trying to profit from any of this, so it doesn't really apply. So, it's "core_dump's Rogue page" now.

3/6/03: Added background music to the page. It's "Chill of an Early Fall" by Bob Mace, a MIDI I've been listening to for years. It plays on Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Netscape, but not Opera, sorry.  Especially after I just announced on my Rants page that I was working toward standards compliance. If I decided to allow it to work on Opera I would have to block playback on Mozilla/Netscape, which I wasn't about to do, since according to my site statistics, 24.25% of my views are Netscape compared to Opera's 0.26%.

3/4/03: Added several new links to the Links section.

3/1/03: Added a link to Mastertronic Rogue for the Sinclair Spectrum in Downloads. Note: This is the same version that used to be on my page, but the web site offers it in two different file formats as well as screenshots, magazine reviews, etc.

2/24/03: Added a link to LinuxRogue (an updated Rogue 5.3 clone) in Downloads.

2/13/03: Rants now accessible directly at

(later) Latest Rogue news.

2/11/03: Got rid of the Updated the Rants page, I think I'm going to make it a semi-daily thing.

2/02/03: Thanks to Gene, who submitted the source for the Roguelike Restoration Project Rogue 3.6.1.

1/28/03: I set up a "Rants" page. Personal rants will go there, while information about the page and Rogue will go here.
Also, to prevent massive "Updated the Rants page" messages here, I now added a "Rants Last Updated:" to the top of this page.

1/16/03: Inspired by reading these pages here, I decided to make some changes to my site.

  • An "About Me" page for those who are interested.
  • No more automatic popping up of new windows. It now replaces the page. Yeah, I could see how that could be annoying, considering I'm the only one I know who always opens in a new window (or a new tab now that I use Mozilla).
  • Changed the links to the newsgroup to let you know that one of them would open your newsreader. Also added the ODP's Rogue entry.
  • Certain pages, like this one, are not indexed or archived by search engines.
  • This page and the archives are nicer looking.
  • Finally figured out a nice graphic to add to the top frame (I took it from the screenshot)
  • Moved the first half of 2002 to another archive page.

1/15/03: Fixed the link to Boudewijn's Rogue page.

1/14/03: I added a link to "The Roguelet's ABC" (something I keep forgetting to do until now) to the Links section and a screenshot for Epyx Rogue II (Atari ST) is now in Screenshots.

Hey, I'd like to add screenshots for the various Mac versions of Rogue. Unfortunately, I have no access to a Mac. If anyone would send their screenshots for the page, that would be greatly appreciated. Please ask me before sending.

1/12/03: I used the Hivelogic Email Address Encoder mentioned in Lockergnome on this page to prevent spam. This means that you will need a Javascript-capable browser to e-mail me from the link on the side.

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