Two hobgoblins in Hex Rogue...

CRPG12 Archived copy of Geocities page which (IIRC) provided the earliest material uploaded to the previous It was also useful in reconstructing and the new Rogue Central wouldn't be here without it. (If you're still around, thank you :)

The Rogue Archive Archived most of the old material when it was shut down, and has since grown to more than my site ever had, including archaic UNIX versions and utilities, multiple ports of the Rogue Clone, older Roguelikes. Along with CRPG12, it was very helpful in setting up the new Rogue Central site.

Donnie Russell's Home Page Various classic Roguelikes remade for different platforms, with some playable online. Some of these games are also on/linked to from

RogueBasin Wiki for Roguelike games and development.

Super-Rogue, Banished to the Deeper Regions Article on the Roguelike Restoration Project, with focus on "The Lost Roguelikes" such as Super-Rogue. Contains some information and history, including background on Rogue, licensing issues surrounding Rogue and other Roguelikes, and also discusses Epyx & DOS versions of Rogue. From's "@ Play" column.

The History of Rogue: Have @ You, You Deadly Zs Article from Gamasutra.

The Dungeons of Doom Focusing on DOS PC-Rogue, this page by Edwin Rots includes information, spoilers, and viewable source code.

MobyGames: Epyx Rogue info

The Rogue's Vade-Mecum Information on UNIX/Linux/BSD versions of Rogue.

The Roguelet's ABC Poems about various monsters in Rogue.

Rogue Stories People Have Sent To Me Stories sent to Glen Wichman by visitors to his old Rogue page (Internet Archive link)

/r/Roguelikes Roguelike discussion group on Reddit.