The dividing Slime in ClassicRogue v2.3 can be tough to fight...

ClassicRogue 1.51 (Windows) (PNG, 649x442 @ 46.9K)

ClassicRogue 2.3 (Windows) (JPEG, 1437x867 @ 225K)

TileRogue 2.2 (Windows) (JPEG, 1440x870 @ 150K)

zRogue Release 2, Serial Number 980706 (Infocom Z-machine) (Playing on Windows Frotz) (PNG, 659x466 @ 46.1K)

Public Domain Software Rogue v1.1 (Mr. Mctesq was here) (DOS) (Screenshot via DOSbox) (PNG, 640x400 @ 2.82K)

AI Design Rogue Beta Test .1 (Mr. Mctesq was here) (DOS) (Screenshot via DOSbox) (PNG, 640x400 @ 3.21K)

Epyx Rogue v1.49 (Mr. Mctesq was here) (DOS) (Screenshot via DOSbox) (PNG, 640x400 @ 3.22K)

LinuxRogue 0.3.7 (Linux) (TXT, within 80x25 @ <1K)

Roguelike Restoration Project Rogue 3.6.3 (Linux) (TXT, within 80x25 @ <1K)

Rogue for the TI-83+/83+SE/84+/84+SE (TI-84+ SE calculator screen, screenshot via TI Connect software for Windows, converted from JPG to PNG) (PNG, 192x128 @ 1.98K)

Console Rogue Screenshots Collection (Unknown console version(s) for unknown OS(es), ZIP file @ 6.38K, contains TXT files within 80x25)

Rogue Central Web Site Screenshots Collection (The images used on Rogue Central pages and the game screenshots used to create them. ZIP file @ 199K, contains PNG and JPG files)